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Issue 29

Point Zion.

Giving the keys to Zion Williamson to control the offense at the end of games has been a true success for the Pelicans.

Postpone 33

Zion Reportedly Fitter, and Better Than Before.

On Thursday, a group of images surfaced on Twitter from the Pelican’s training camp that sent the Twitter world into a frenzy.

Issue 12

The Lakers Keep Taking Care of Business.

Los Angeles now rides a 9-game winning streak with a 16-2 overall record putting them on top of the NBA standings.

Issue 1

In the Blink of an Eye, the NBA Returns.

It’s amazing how time flies by when your hibernating… Welcome to the first lazy issue of the 2019-20 NBA season.

Issue 2

Davis Stands Tall as Pelicans Rout Rockets in Season Opener.

Last season, the New Orleans Pelicans left many people stunned in giving up DeMarcus Cousins, who would wind up becoming a Warrior.

Playoffs 7

The Golden State Warriors Are No Longer Messing Around.

It now looks very likely we’ll end up with a Rockets-Warriors matchup for the Western Conference finals, and I’m sure this makes everyone tingle with delight.

Playoffs 2

The Spotlight Is Finally Shining on Jrue Holiday.

New Orleans has taken an unexpected 2-0 lead over Portland in the first round of the 2018 Playoffs.

Issue 40

Can Davis Keep Carrying His Team to the Finals?

What a difference one month can make for a franchise.

Issue 22

Rondo Shows He’s a Team Man, Setting Pelicans Record.

Rajon Rondo, from the New Orlando Pelicans, had one hell of a game last night against the Brooklyn Nets.

Issue 36

NBA Trade Deadline Has Come and Gone.

The NBA All-Star weekend has come and gone, just like the much anticipated NBA trade deadline.

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