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Playoffs 3

Watch Out for the Gun Show.

The Brooklyn Nets just showed how potent their offensive is on Sunday night, and it's pretty terrifying to watch.


Will the James Harden Trade Work for the Nets?

James Harden finally got his way and has been traded to the Brooklyn Nets, where he will join two of the most polarising personalities in the NBA, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving. The question is, will it work?

Postpone 27

The Reset Is Here, but Problems Are Brewing.

A large group of players — including many superstars — participated in a conference call to express their issues with the proposal.

Issue 2

Kyrie Irving 3.0.

After the second opening night of the NBA, we saw the 3rd evolution of Kyrie Irving with the Brooklyn Nets appear right before our eyes, and he didn’t disappoint.

Issue 33

Kyrie Might Need These Distractions.

With all the drama surrounding Kyrie, he continues to keep impressing Boston, and I think they are kinda cool with it.

Issue 12

Can a Head Coach Save This Celtics Team?

We can all relax, digest this food on the couch, and enjoy Thanksgiving with a little light reading. Kyrie will not be joining us.

Issue 7

Uncle Drew and the Celtics Are Grinding Through Games.

10 games deep into the season, you might be asking yourself: “How are the Celtics going right now?”

Playoffs 12

The Perfect Sidekick for LeBron James

Kyrie thrives side by side with James and Love as part of Cleveland’s big three...

Issue 38

The Most Unstoppable Player in the NBA?

Kyrie Irving is one of the most unstoppable players in the NBA from his superior dribbling skills.

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