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Issue 14

The Rockets Have Moved on From the Harden Era.

Before James Harden left, this team was in shambles. But now, the Houston Rockets are a defensive juggernaut, and a ninth straight playoff berth is well within reach.

Issue 19

Vintage Wizards Come Out to Play.

It was a clear contrast for last nights game against the Washington Wizards and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Issue 4

Did the Baby Blues Help the Lakers Get Their Second Victory of the Season?

This special uniform might of given the team some type of super power, as they unexpectedly defeated the Wizards 102-99 in overtime.

Issue 1

Hibernation Is Over, and We’re Back With a Brand New Look for the 2017-18 NBA Season!

That’s right, year 2 has officially begun and I welcome all the old and new lazies to the first issue of the 2017-18 NBA season.

Playoffs 7

The Wizards Are Sending a Message!

It only took 3 minutes for John Wall and the Wizards to send a message to the rest of the NBA...

Issue 14

John Wall Questioning Teammates.

John Wall from the Washington Wizards scored a career high 52 points while the team still lost to the Orlando Magic.

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