You love the NBA, but you can’t keep up with all the continuous games, statistics, rumors, trades, and everything else in between. That’s why The Lazy NBA exists to bring you the very best of the NBA, straight to your lazy ass.

The Lazy NBA is created and managed by Edward Thring, a full-time designer and part-time NBA junkie. Edward always had an interest in basketball from a young age, but when he moved to the United States in 2014, his love for the game grew, and he wanted to contribute to the NBA realm.

In Edward’s head, the idea sparked when he realized how much basketball is played every week in a season. If you weren’t continuously updating yourself with scores and news, you became disoriented or lost interest. Edward wanted to help specific individuals get their NBA fix without scrolling through endless feeds or shuffling through tens of websites each week to stay updated. He decided to do the ‘hard yakka’ himself and help the NBA enthusiast that wouldn’t be afraid to call themselves lazy. That is how The Lazy NBA was born.

The Lazy NBA’s journey started on Monday, October 24th, 2016, when the first email campaign launched to 27 original subscribers. Fast forward to today, hundreds of subscribers have now joined the elite squad in getting their NBA fix, the lazy way.

Emails are sent out every Monday and Thursday of the week only during an NBA season. Why send out two emails a week? That’s because, during a regular season, 30 teams play approximately 2-to-5 games each per week. Two emails accommodate all of the NBA news and games perfectly, without jam-packing all that information into one.

After the 2019-20 NBA season, Edward wanted to expand the possibilities in how ‘The Lazies’ would get their awareness and extended the content not just by email but also by a re-designed website. A home where The Lazy NBA universe could exist and be updated not only by Edward but as many ‘Lazies’ as possible.