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The Milwaukee Bucks are champions of the NBA. We haven’t heard that statement in a long time, 50 years to be exact, and the last person to hold up the Larry O’Brien trophy for the Bucks was legendary Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. But now it’s Giannis’ turn, and the league is in his control.

It took a lot of work to transform this franchise into a championship team. When Giannis entered the league as a rookie, the Bucks only won 15 games a season. Now with 16 wins this postseason, the goal has finally been completed in bringing a championship back to Milwaukee.

Antetokounmpo turned in one of the most incredible performances in NBA Finals history, scoring 50 points (a Playoff career-high) while adding 14 rebounds. He created endless opportunities for his teammates to get involved, but his infinite array of spin moves and brute force to get to the basket was unstoppable for the night. Even from the free-throw line, where he had struggled for most of the postseason, he was nearly perfect, shooting 17 for 19. By the time the final buzzer sounded, there was no doubt who would be named the most valuable player of the series.

It was a postseason to remember for the Bucks. They swept the Miami Heat in the first round and looked mentally prepared for the ultimate battle against the Brooklyn Nets. Within an inch, they became victorious and completed Round 2 in a savage seven-game series. Then came the Eastern Conference Finals against the Atlanta Hawks, where Giannis hyperextended his left knee and looked out for the season. But six days later, he was back and better than ever. And finally, for the team to find their potent offense and put in a complete team effort to get the championship, it was magical to watch. Congratulations to the Milwaukee Bucks!

Side Note: Now that the 2020-21 NBA season has run its course, this will be the last issue for the year. It is time for The Lazy NBA to step back into hibernation. Thank you so much for following this little project of mine and for all your continued support.

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