Hello Lazies.

Tonight could be the night where the Phoenix Suns close out their series against the LA Clippers and finally reach the NBA Finals since 1993 when Charles Barkley was the face of the franchise.

Fast-forward to today, Chris Paul is that man, and he has been the driving force to the Suns’ success. Paul might not be scoring a ton of points each game like Devin Booker or dominating the paint like Deandre Ayton, but where Chris is most valued and needed by his team is his leadership and veteran experience.

Even in Game 4, Paul guided his team to victory, playing all 12 minutes of the fourth quarter, when he scored seven of his 18 points and dished out two of his seven assists, despite struggling to shoot the ball.

But it wasn’t just CP3 who couldn’t make a bucket for the night, it was both teams, and it was an absolute slugfest. LA shot 32% (27 of 83) for the game, while Phoenix was merely better at 36% (31 of 86). The Clippers, who led the league in 3-point shooting during the regular season, made five; the Suns hit four.

However, that’s all behind us now, and it all comes down to tonight with the Clippers looking to dig themselves out of a hole, once again, as they did against the Dallas Mavericks and the Utah Jazz this postseason. Can the Clippers get themselves back into this series, or will the Suns prevail?

Catch you Thursday.