Hello Lazies.

No one could have predicted that the Milwaukee Bucks would have evened up the series against the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday night with a 107-96 win. But, after a dreadful Game 1 and 2, where the Nets had total control over the series, the Bucks made the necessary adjustments and turned all the momentum back on themselves.

Leading the way, as per usual, was Giannis Antetokounmpo, who finished the game with 34 points and 12 rebounds for his third game in this series with at least 30 points and ten rebounds. The Nets big three looked unstoppable at the beginning of this postseason; however, that was until Harden was yanked out of the squad due to a hamstring injury, and now Kyrie Irving is out.

Irving went up for a layup in the middle of the second quarter of Game 4 and severely twisted his ankle upon landing. He went straight to the locker room once he made it to his feet and didn’t return to the game.

It’s now confirmed that both Harden and Irving will be out for Game 5, set to be played back in Brooklyn. With this unfortunate news — as no one wants to see superstar players go down with injuries — the Bucks now have a golden opportunity to take control of the series. After a few disappointing Playoff runs, things are starting to look like they are breaking their way this year, but they can’t let this opportunity slip away.

Catch you Thursday.