Hello Lazies.

The Milwaukee Bucks have been relatively quiet this year, keeping their head down and taking care of business out in the East. But in recent times, the Bucks have ramped things up and put the pedal to the metal, transforming themselves into a victorious team that no one would like to face in the Playoffs.

After a nail-biting 134-135 win against the Washington Wizards last night, Milwaukee is on a four-game winning streak and has now won seven of their previous ten games. Something to note, from that four-game winning streak, the Bucks defeated the Brooklyn Nets, twice.

The two recent Brooklyn games are the matches that most people are interested in, as it gives us a good insight into how the post-season might play out if these teams meet again. They have faced each other three times this season, and the first two meetings came down to one possession. If we can learn anything from their regular-season games, it’s that a best-of-seven series will be a heavyweight fight.

Giannis Antetokounmpo scored 87 points in those two games. A performance we haven’t seen him do regularly this year, but it will be imperative to continue with that type of aggression and production if the Bucks are going to beat Brooklyn in a Playoff series. Giannis took a combined 66 shots, 14 of which were 3’s.

Those two consecutive victories over Brooklyn have now put the Bucks in position to jump the Nets for the No. 2 seed — just one loss back with a tiebreaker at hand. The East is heating up, and I’m looking forward to seeing these two clash again soon.

Catch you Monday.