Hello Lazies.

After their surprise Playoff run in 2020, the Denver Nuggets built themselves into red hot contenders this season. Adding Aaron Gordon as their final piece to the puzzle, everyone had a close eye on this team as they developed. That was until Jamal Murray, one of their crucial pieces, went down last week with a torn ACL.

You could feel the hearts of all Denver fans drop when Murray collapsed to the floor in agony. Now, without their electric second scorer on the floor, the tide shifted towards their other players to fill that gaping void. But there’s one player that stands out from the pack and could ultimately step into Murray’s shoes, being Michael Porter Jr.

For Porter, the light has never been greener for him to show us all what he’s capable of. He even controversially called out his coach last post-season about not getting enough playing time. Well, now the tables have turned, and so far, he’s accepted the challenge prominently. Since Murray’s injury, the Nuggets have posted a 4-0 record, with Porter being a big reason for it. Their number one man, Nikola Jokic, has been outstanding over the four games, but Porter is right there behind him, averaging 21 points on 61.5 percent from the field and 52 percent from deep.

Porter has broken out as a lethal shooter this season with efficiency that’s on point with Kevin Durant. Strange things happen in the Playoffs, and the Nuggets now face significantly less pressure, as they’re already considered a wipe. If Porter rises to the occasion and leads Denver to any post-season success, this will be significant in his rise to stardom. Murray could also mention this same type of breakout story about himself.

Catch you Monday.