Hello Lazies.

The month of April has been a sigh of relief for the Boston Celtics. The injury woes are starting to vanish, and the team can now finally step onto the floor with a full, healthy roster—a big reason why the Celtics have started to see some recent success.

Boston won nine of their last 13 games in April, and 7 of the nine wins come against Playoff teams above .500. After the dreadful start to the season, the Celtics are climbing the standings and making a push for the 4-seed in the East.

Regarding their starting five, nearly every player has been affected this season by either injuries, illness, or contact issues. It made it impossible for the players to jell and create some momentum. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have been their leaders and the driving force during that dark stretch, but with Kemba Walker and Marcus Smart finally looking like their former selves, it’s hard not to keep Boston in top-of-mind when the Playoffs start.

This brings me to my final point. Are the Celtics genuine contenders this year for the championship? The competition that’s ahead of them in the East is, without doubt, contenders. They will have to defeat either the Nets, the 76ers, or the Bucks to breakthrough.

The gut feeling that’s hard to shake, is that the public always believes that Boston’s in contention, but in the end, they seem to not have enough in the tank to get them to the end of the line. A story that keeps rewriting itself, year after year. I sit in that same boat. I believe they have enough experience and talent to break through, but something special will need to happen for this dream to become a reality.

Catch you Thursday.