Hello Lazies.

The ticking time bomb of the NBA trade deadline has now expired. The target for all trades had to happen before 3 pm EST today. Let’s do a quick round-up on each move:

Victor Oladipo → Heat
This deal was cheap for the Heat, who secured him only for this season. They can also test-drive Victor before forking out the big bucks this summer. Oladipo will give the Heat another shot creator to ease the offensive load off Jimmy Butler. And if Aldridge lands there as well, could that be a big three?

J.J. Redick → Mavs
The Mavericks are desperate for some offensive players, and now it’s clear they were trying to replace their previous sharpshooter Seth Curry who they lost to the 76ers. Redick is 36 years of age, so it’s a gamble in what Dallas will get. I also got the vibe that he wanted out from the Pelicans.

Rondo to Clippers → ← LouWill to Hawks
Mixed reviews with this trade. The Clippers were dying for a point guard (or another general on the floor), and the choice was Lonzo Ball or Rondo. I think they picked a winner, as Rondo might not contribute much now but performs incredibly well in the Playoffs. As for Lou, it was time to make a change. His minutes were numbering with LA, but with the Hawks, he’s considered a valuable asset coming off the bench on a rising team.

Aaron Gordon → Nuggets
To me, this trade was close to being my winner. Aaron Gordon fills that defensive void caused by Jerami Grant leaving, and now the Nuggets roster is complete. And it’s not just on defense; Gordon can score pretty well too, who’s averaging 15 points a game.

Nikola Vucevic → Bulls
This one was a shocker. No one could’ve predicted that Nikola was going to be sent up to the Bulls. But now, the future is set for Chicago. They are betting heavily on Zach LaVine and Nikola Vucevic working together, and I think it will.

Evan Fournier → Celtics
Wow. A massively underrated asset that the Magic just gave away for literally nothing to the Celtics. It only took Jeff Teague and two second-round picks to snag up Fournier. He will slot in perfectly with some ball-handling, reliable outside shooting, and general wing depth that Boston needed. My standout winner from the trades.

George Hill → 76ers
George Hill is not Kyle Lowry, but he’s still good. And cheaper, a lot cheaper. It seemed like a done deal for Lowry to end up in Philadelphia, but I guess the team didn’t want to empty their bank account for an aging player. Hill has played a lot of positioned with different teams, but I think he’ll do just fine next to Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid.

Norman Powell → Blazers
A great pickup for the Trail Blazers. Powell is averaging 20 points on 55% from the field and 44% from the 3-point line. Portland has to be happy with this trade and will thank their lucky stars they acquired him come Playoffs.

JaVale McGee → Nuggets
Looking at Denver’s roster, there isn’t a second big-man behind Nikola Jokic. They tried to fill that spot with Isaiah Hartenstein or even Paul Millsap, so it’s a perfect spot for JaVale to step into. I also think he’s underrated, and stepped up his game after his stints with the Warriors and Lakers.

Nemanja Bjelica → Heat
Honestly, I didn’t know too much about Bjelica. But from what I’ve read, he’s a sharpshooter and floor spacer. I don’t think Miami was looking for another all-rounder; they want a cold-blooded shooter, and he might be that guy. Another valuable piece to the puzzle in which Miami’s trying to create.

That’s all for now, but if you want the in-depth and more extensive breakdown on every move, head over to the Bleacher Report’s article.

Catch you Monday.