Hello Lazies.

On Super Bowl Sunday, the Detroit Pistons and New York Knicks were not stuffing their face with nachos and pizza; they were hard at work, molding a trade. The two teams finalized and agreed to send Derrick Rose to the Knicks for Dennis Smith Jr. and a second-round draft pick.

This particular trade has stirred up a lot of feelings, as this will be the second time Rose will play for New York. He will also be reunited with his former head coach, Tom Thibodeau, who he played for in Chicago and Minnesota. As a player, Rose is nothing like he was back in 2011, but for the Pistons, he became one of the most productive guards off the bench averaging 12 points and four assists a game.

The Knicks are a super young team, and bringing in veteran players is a ‘must’ to develop their young squad. Adding the former MVP player is a great move, but people are clearly not happy with this trade. Actually, anything that’s associated with Derrick Rose causes so much debate and opinion around the NBA. Adding Rose to this roster means that New York now has four guards in their rotation, with every player fighting for stable time on the floor.

The add-on feels that the team is now overloaded with players who don’t genuinely fit New York’s future plans. In the past, head coach Thibodeau always asks a lot of sacrifice from his players, but now, they must sacrifice more than ever to make room for Rose.

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