Hello Lazies.

A team that’s catching my attention at the quarter mark of the season is the Golden State Warriors. Man, what a wild ride this team is currently having.

From starting the year with tremendous hype bringing back the splash brothers to then having their hopes and dreams shattered once again by injuries. I touched on this team back in Issue 3; however, it didn’t come with great news as they were my ‘Biggest Downfall’ who were having problems all over the board.

But as all good franchises do, they bounce back and have found some winning form with their new roster, and currently sit at 8th spot in the West with 11 wins and nine losses. Their leaders are keeping the team above water, like Steph Curry and Draymond Green, but one player sitting in the hot seat is Kelly Oubre. After a historically rough start, Oubre has shown glimpses of performing up to the elevated preseason expectations but is having trouble staying consistent.

There have been seven matches in the last ten-game stretch in which Kelly has scored around 17 points, and each time the team wins. But when he struggles to score, like the other three against the Knicks, Jazz, and Suns, they lose. The point is, when Kelly plays well, this team finds a way to win.

Catch you Thursday.