Hello Lazies.

Would you believe it if I told you that the Chicago Bulls are positioned 6th in the East in front of the Hornets, Heat, and Celtics? The Bulls are starting to win games, and to be fair, they have a lot of work ahead of themselves. But are they moving in the right direction?

In their last two seasons, the Chicago Bulls only won 22 games, each. While this year, already at 15 and not even halfway through the season, signs are pointing that Chicago’s on the way up. Their top-tier man, Zach LaVine, also got his name called up for his first All-Star match for his career. An acknowledgment that hasn’t been seen since Jimmy Butler was dressed in the red and white back in 2017.

The Bulls have now won five of their last six games and are 8-and-5 in February with two games remaining this month, guaranteeing their first over-.500 month since December 2017. Their roster is packed with potential scorers like LaVine, Coby White, Otto Porter Jr., and Denzel Valentine, resulting in the fourth-highest field goal percentage in the NBA at 48.6%. What does this mean? It allows Zach to become more efficient with his scoring and not fret about the team slipping behind when he steps off the floor for a break.

Zach LaVine is clearly steering the Bulls ship, but the coaching staff are doing a great job in not dumping all their chips in one basket with LaVine. They’re evenly spreading out the responsibility, giving each player the power to grow further. The Bulls might not be a hot winning destination like the Nets, Sixers, or the Bucks, but the potential is there, and it’s theirs for the taking.

Catch you Monday.