Hello again, Lazies.

Love them or hate them, this team now has three of the best offensive players in the world, and arguably two of the top 5 ever in Durant and Harden. My opinion on this trade is a common one, but it comes with an important twist. If this works, it will operate very well, and it’s hard to see anyone beating this newly formed Big 3. They will score 120+ points every game and be a title favorite, if not second behind the Lakers. However, the twist that now follows is that it will only work in a certain way. In all of the Big 3 teams, we have seen one consistent aspect that one player needs to sacrifice. That player in this situation is Kyrie Irving. 

So will it work? I don’t think so. 

Kyrie Irving wasn’t happy playing Robin to LeBron’s Batman in Cleveland. Now imagine Kyrie being the Alfred. He needs to take a massive step back and move away from the spotlight as Chris Bosh/Kevin Love, and Klay Thompson/Draymond Green have done before him. Something I can’t see Kyrie Irving doing. 

The whole prerogative of him going to Brooklyn and joining KD was to get HIS team. Now, with KD back and looking like his old self, not only is Brooklyn not his team, he’s the third fiddle committed to staying inside Wayne Manor.

One big problem I foresee is Steve Nash, the Hall of Famer and Nets coach will have to stagger minutes, so the basketball gets shared on offense (good thing Mike D’Antoni is there). The other problem is, who is the anchor of their defense? With Jarret Allen now gone and De’Andre Jordan a shell of his former self, the Nets don’t have one lockdown defender. That’s not good when they face the likes of Giannis, Lebron & AD.

Unfortunately for the Brooklyn Nets, basketball is played at both ends of a basketball court. There could be a loose case made that they have the players to be the most outstanding offensive threat of all time. But defensively, they are set to be a disaster. 

Kyrie is a massive liability on that end of the court, and Harden isn’t too much better. While KD is a good defender, this trade has Kyrie insurance written all over it. In the short term, I can’t see this move working to deliver Brooklyn a title. It just mortgaged their future to get it. What do you think?

Catch you next time, my Lazy friends.