Hello Lazies.

The 76ers have started the season with a bang holding a 7-1 win-loss ratio, the NBA’s best record. And with all the new transformations, Joel Embiid has returned to form, becoming a two-way force capable of raising his teammates night in and night out.

It all stems from a retooled roster and coaching staff who have facilitated his improvements. The development has come from switching a pair of court-shrinking bigs, Josh Richardson and Al Horford, with off-ball sharpshooters Seth Curry and Danny Green. Pairing that with a new head coach, Doc Rivers, who’s given Embiid the confidence to score while simplifying his on-court responsibilities.

On-court responsibilities, what the hell you talking about? I mean, simplify the game plan and surround Embiid with players he understands. Brett Brown, the 76ers old head coach, struggled to provide Embiid with a simple game plan (or balance) of which players are static and which are on the move. On the other hand, Rivers simplified that responsibility for Joel, taking that extra headache away. This gives him clear steps in defeating a double-team, for example, or how to get rid of the ball when under pressure.

Embiid somehow forgot how powerful a simple pass could be, and that could’ve developed from not fully understanding their previous game plan. But for the first time in his career, the recent changes have made the big man figure it out, and Philadelphia’s reaping the benefits.

Catch you Monday.