Hello Lazies.

Collin Sexton scored a career-high 42 points in a dramatic double-overtime win over the Brooklyn Nets last night. This particular matchup had some unusual attention, as we finally got to see all of Brooklyn’s Big 3, in action, together.

This, by far, was a stand-out performance from Sexton and occurred in a perfectly hyped regular-season game. But there was nothing that unusual about his accomplishment. Collin’s been doing this all season long.

This third-year guard is averaging 27 points a game on 53.4 percent shooting, including 50 percent from the 3-point line. Sexton is a steady scoring machine, but this year, the Cavs finally structured complementary players around him, and the young man’s starting to blossom. Previously, Cleveland drafted him in 2018 as their point guard, who they thought could score, pass, and control the game’s tempo. But this plan had one massive flaw. Sexton never passes the ball, and Kevin Love spat the dummy with him. So instead of molding Sexton to the player they wanted, they surrounded him with passers and defenders to let Collin do what he does best, shoot.

Wednesday’s matchup was a fantastic win for Cleveland. They even celebrated like they won the championship. Sexton clearly gets all the attention from scoring, yet the Cavs are consistently winning games this year not by offense but with defense. Cleveland’s dead last in the NBA on offense, but No. 2 with defense.

Catch you Monday.