Hello Lazies.

It’s hard to swipe around the net and not know about the monstrous 62-point game from Stephen Curry last night. Even the official NBA YouTube channel couldn’t resist and featured four videos of the feat. But take a second, and look at what Jaylen Brown is doing for the Boston Celtics.

Through seven games, Brown has transformed himself into one of the best shooters in the league. He’s averaging 28 points a game with an effective field goal percentage of 67%, having shot 22-for-28 (79%) from mid-range. It’s like the man can’t miss.

But Boston’s still at the drawing board trying to figure out how to establish a winning formula who lost to the Pistons and Pacers last week. Their two young guns, Jayson Tatum and Brown, are steering the ship offensively, but defensively, there needs to be some dramatic improvement. No team has seen a more significant jump in points allowed per possession (+5.5) than the Celtics, who typically rank in the top 10 defensively. Meaning, their defense is trash, and that might be a result of their thinned-out roster this year.

Nearly every win this year has come from Brown’s blistering shooting and Tatum’s late-game heroics. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fantastic to watch, but they need to spin some solid defense into the mix to get this team back on the right track. Until then, they rely too heavily on their dynamic duo.

Catch you Thursday.