Hello Lazies.

Man, oh man, what a wild week for the NBA. The video investigations of Kyrie Irving, or the drastic measures to postpone games due to a pandemic settling in, could not stop the inevitable atomic bomb that erupted on Wednesday.

There isn’t a single media outlet linked to the NBA without James Harden’s face saturating its existence. Even this one, the Lazy, pushed a perfectly timed opinion by our boy Johnny Russell. Side Note: It’s actually a great read, and I highly recommend having a browse on that one.

Looking around, everybody has their own opinion on the dramatic trade, and I couldn’t add ‘one more’ to the sea of Brooklyn news. But instead, make you focus on one aspect of this trade, a piece that will no doubt be looked past or not cared about. The old switcheroo of Victor Oladipo from the Indiana Pacers for Caris LeVert and a 2nd-round pick from the Nets.

Victor was Indiana’s love child for years, but the Pacers needed to make a move before he would become a free agent this summer. He expressed interest in leaving the franchise from clashing with teammate Malcolm Brogdon. The team also had every incentive to get at least some value for him who would’ve left for nothing. But now, the Pacers got LeVert, a 6-6 wing, in his fifth NBA season, averaging 18 points, six assists, and 4.3 rebounds as a part-time starter.

From a statistical perspective, LeVert can fill the void left by Oladipo. LeVert just needs to fit in and play hard, which I think he’ll do just that. Indiana might not have the same love affair with LeVert as they had for their former superstar (who called Indianapolis “my city”), but LeVert is a young, hungry player who wants to make a name for himself. A player exactly Indiana looks for, and someone you might fall in love with.

Catch you Monday.