Hello Lazies.

The Washington Wizards were outplayed, once again, on Sunday night by the Orlando Magic for the second time in two nights. That’s a disappointing start to the season as the team’s expectation should be to compete and stay relevant (or even dangerous) in the Eastern Conference. Why? Because they added an MVP talent in Russell Westbrook to the roster. 

Before the late Westbrook trade, I was inspired to see how the Japanese ‘Wiz Kid’ Rui Hachimura and Israeli–Serbian Deni Avdija would play together with the Wizards loyal superstar Bradley Beal. Could they jell and compliment each other’s game as I think these three players work flawlessly together? I also expected Washington to trade away Beal instead of John Wall in the offseason, but now it’s evident who they wanted to keep and ship off.

Adding Westbrook to this team has taken Washington to another level, and the Wizards finally have hype! It’s incredible to watch how adding one single player can bring this many eyes to a team. I guess that’s the power of the gravitational pull from Westbrook’s universe. So the Wizards have their main guy, they have a solid roster, and they have the hype. All they need to do now is play well, but this dreadful start hurts me to the bone. It’s early days, I know, but let’s see how they travel come February.

Side Note: Next year, the Wizards need to make a Metro Map or a Cherry Blossom City Jersey edition to their jerseys. You can bill me for the idea Nike. I’m a fan of the grey as it reminds me of Georgetown and maybe a fresh pair of stone-grey New Balance 990s. But they should have taken the design to the next level. There are just too many DC options out there that they could have used but instead reuse an existing idea.

Catch you next time.