Hello Lazies.

You got to give it to the Denver Nuggets; they have some serious heart by achieving the impossible. Coming back from a 3-1 deficit to defeat the LA Clippers — who were the overwhelming favorites to take home the championship — is astounding. But to complete that same comeback twice in one Playoff run. Damn!

It was only a couple of issues ago that I was spewing out words about how the Nuggets were holding on for dear life. But I have to pump the breaks on that topic. I’m not going to get into the whole spiel about how the Clippers fell to an even lower low. I’m going to pass on that narrative, and focus on their new opponent, the LA Lakers.

The previous round saw the Lakers tackle the small-ball approach against the Rockets, but this time, we get to see long hard-hitting defense from both sides. Lakers head coach Frank Vogel will pull out all his length from the bench with JaVale McGee, Dwight Howard, and Anthony Davis. The reason, to stop Nikola Jokić as he was a matchup nightmare for the Clippers. Adding to that, Jamal Murray is the lifeblood of Denver’s offense, so he has to continue his hot shooting streak. By the way, Murray is the first player to score 40-plus in three elimination games in a single postseason in league history.

But the trump card in this series falls with LeBron James, as always. Whatever happens with LeBron will determine this series. If he turns on the heat, I doubt the Nuggets have enough. If they can stop him from taking control of the game, then there’s a chance.

Catch you Monday.