Hello Lazies.

The results are in, and the transition has begun where we move from the Playoff Blues to the Golden Finals.

Come next issue; you’ll see THE lazy NBA saturated in gold and have our first game to examine (which airs Wednesday at 9 PM EST) between the Miami Heat from the East, and the Los Angeles Lakers from the West. But let’s break it down first with a preview into how these two teams match up and who has the edge in the final NBA battle.

To sum up these two teams quickly, the Lakers have the star-power, which generally means that LA is the heavy favorites to take home the championship. The overall history in the NBA of teams holding up the Larry O’Brien trophy has fallen with squads that consist of multiple superstars. It has to take an extraordinary performance to override that narrative, and the Miami Heat have the DNA for this. To defeat Milwaukee and Boston in this Playoff run shows how united this Heat team is.

The Heat will undoubtedly test out the zone defense once again, just as they did in both previous series. Deploying a variety of zones stumped the Bucks and Celtics and made them settle for the 3-pointer. However, LA is impressive beyond the arc and is undefeated when they shoot 30 percent or higher from the 3. Another aspect to keep an eye on is the matchups between LeBron-Butler and AD-BAM. In the past, Jimmy has defended LeBron very well and ‘held’ him to a low 26.2 points per game on 40 percent shooting. But the LA offense runs through AD, and Bam is the only person that can stop Davis.

We might be witnessing another fairytale run if Miami takes home the gold. But LA has LeBron James, who cannot stop adding new pages to his legacy.

Catch you Thursday.