Hello Lazies.

Jimmy Butler has finally reached his first Conference Finals of his career, and Miami are back for the first time since LeBron James abandoned ship. Their opponent, the Boston Celtics, who are more experienced and certain they have the necessary pieces to finish off the Heat and reach the NBA Finals.

Observing the media, it’s a mix-bag with who the experts are predicting to win. CBS Sports are saying the Celtics are the overwhelming favorites, while ESPN are split right down the middle. The reason it’s hard to predict who will come out on top is that both these teams match up incredibly well with each other.

Both have great defense, great coaching, and deep talent throughout their rosters; however, this series will come down to execution, and Miami currently have Boston on that one. The Celtics head coach Brad Stevens even compared the Heat to the Golden State Warriors and how similar they are with their cutting and shooting. In my opinion, Boston should have closed the door earlier against the Raptors, but the series got stretched out to a Game 7.

This Tuesday will be our first time seeing Jimmy Butler with every spotlight pointed directly on him, and a perfect stage for him to shine. This could be the glittering moment for Butler’s career, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.

Catch you Thursday.