Hello Lazies.

One of the most unforeseeable storylines from the NBA restart has been the 7-0 undefeated Phoenix Suns. The team will play their most crucial game of the season in a matter of hours (or right now) as this young and developing team could potentially reach the Playoffs, despite resuming the season with the worst record (26-39) among the Western teams.

But they’ll need some serious luck to clinch that elusive spot in the play-in game this Saturday. Besides needing to win their game today against the Dallas Mavericks, they’ll need either the Memphis Grizzlies or the Portland Trail Blazers to lose their last match too.

After his second straight 35-point performance in Tuesday’s 130-117 win over the 76ers, Devin Booker has been performing like a superstar caliber player that the team has desperately needed. It’s been an uphill battle for Phoenix to turn into the young, fun team that’s been promised for so long. One of the best explanations for the Suns’ success comes from Kevin O’Conner’s latest video episode of “The Restart.” He breaks down Booker’s elevated play, in detail, and explains how he and Deandre Ayton can lead the Suns back into the Playoff conversation for years to come.

Even if the Suns don’t clinch that final play-in spot, I’ll still be following their official Twitter page. They’ve been dropping gems every single day since their undefeated run in the bubble.

Side Note: Keep an eye out for Monday’s issue as I’ll be making the old ‘switch-er-oo’ to the Playoff blue.

Catch you Monday.