Hello Lazies.

Before the bubble began, players, coaches, and executives across the NBA have been adamant and very vocal, that more significant social change needs to be done. But after the recent police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, it became a breaking point.

The Milwaukee Bucks are among the strongest teams in the league and have set the standard throughout the season. And once again, they did that on Wednesday, August 26, when that same group of players refused to take to the court for their scheduled Playoff game against the Orlando Magic. The Milwaukee players released a statement and took a stand against the recent police brutality and racism.

Following those events, a chain reaction occurred throughout the league and every game on Wednesday, and today were postponed. Every player was then invited to discuss the status of the Playoffs, which the players concluded to move forward with the season starting Friday. Several leaders on the Lakers roster and some players from other teams, reportedly stayed up into the early morning hours to hash out their issues inside the bubble. As a result of those talks, all players were able to agree to resume the season, per Wojnarowski.

This movement showed how influential NBA players are to this league, but continue to face a double-edged sword. Is more good done by continuing to play and be visual on TV every single night, or stop playing and protest to stay focused on the larger message.

Catch you Monday.