Hello Lazies.

The return of the NBA is just around the corner, and ‘healthy’ NBA players have started popping up into their training facilities. One player that stands out from the pack that everyone’s excited to see is the Pelican’s rookie forward, Zion Williamson.

On Thursday, a group of images surfaced on Twitter from the Pelican’s training camp that sent the Twitter world into a frenzy. While most of us during this pandemic have maybe gained a few pounds, Zion looks to have spent his time getting trimmed up and looks rather ripped.

Zion’s weight has always been a subject for debate as the big fella is registered as a 6-foot-6, 284 pound forward, when the average weight for an NBA forward is 245. Everyone suspected that when he stepped into the league, he would trim down and transform into his peak shape, but we just didn’t know when that would be. Putting his weight aside, Zion has undoubtably played up to his high expectations over the 19 games he’s played. Averaging 23.6 points a game, while shooting at a 58.9 field goal percentage, you gotta admit, that ain’t bad!

Zion might be the most hyped rookie in the NBA after LeBron James, yet his game is in tone with the speculation. And guess who will be featured for the first game come July 30? Utah Jazz vs. you guessed it, New Orleans Pelicans with Zion front and center. I mean, it makes sense if you look at the stats. Williamson’s first NBA game had 2.36 million total viewers, representing an 88% increase in viewership versus last year’s comparable game. Everyone is eager to see him in action, and I am one of those.

Catch you Thursday.