Hello Lazies.

Looking at the current Dallas Mavericks roster, it’s evident that Luka Dončić is the team’s unquestioned superstar with Kristaps Porziņģis as his running mate. But the real challenge is deciding what name jumps to mind when filling that 3rd spot. Let’s break down the top contenders with statistics:

Tim Hardaway Jr.43.740.715.82.0
Seth Curry50.045.312.62.0
Dwight Powell63.825.69.41.5
Dorian Finney-Smith6.837.49.31.5
Maxi Kleber45.937.49.21.2
Jalen Brunson46.635.88.23.3

Out of the players above, the standouts are Hardaway, Curry, and Powell. Hardaway: back when he played in New York, absorbed all the responsibility as the primary scorer, and it backfired. But after seven seasons in the NBA, he perfectly fits that 3rd tier scorer with his all-rounded game. Curry: (brother of Stephen), has also proven he belongs in the NBA with his insane stats. But at the shooting guard position, he is prone to be abused on the defensive end. Finally, there’s Powell: A dangerous rim protector and is the perfect compliment to create space for the Mavs’ top 2 stars. His playmaking has improved as of late but remains one-dimensional.

It’s a hard decision, but my choice goes with Hardaway from the fact that he’s more well-rounded than Seth. Powell might compliment his stars, but i’m not confident he could lead his team on the floor. Let me know who you got by hitting reply or by shooting me a tweet.

Catch you Monday.