Hello Lazies.

It was a great feeling to finally see some ‘live basketball’ on Wednesday with the NBA opening their first practice games in Orlando. They might only be exhibition games and don’t count toward the standings, but they give a great insight into what the NBA will look like and feel like, heading towards the restart.

All 22 teams participating in the NBA reboot will play three scrimmages before the action officially begins on July 30th. There were four games played on Wednesday with scores and recaps below:

LA Clippers 99, Orlando Magic 90
Denver Nuggets 89, Washington Wizards 82
New Orleans Pelicans 99, Brooklyn Nets 68
Miami Heat 104, Sacramento Kings 98

The clear highlight from the day was from the frighteningly skinny big man, Bol Bol, who had 16 points, ten rebounds, and six blocks in the Nuggets win over the Wizards. The 7-foot-2 20-year-old rookie was an absolute delight to watch, producing countless highlights throughout the game, showcasing numerous blocks, dunks, ball-handling, and even shots from beyond the arc. Tho, an excellent performance in one exhibition game against the worst team in the bubble is obviously no guarantee for future success. But there’s already write ups exploring the idea that Bol might be the perfect fit to unlock skinny Jokic.

Side Note: 7 days left until the NBA restart.

Catch you Monday.