Hello Lazies.

Diplomatic protocols for the NBA restart are vital drivers in assuring the safety of its players and everyone associated with the reboot. Reports were circling yesterday as the NBA finalized an ‘entry protocol’ for players to be in uniform and warm-up gear as they arrived at games in the bubble.

The plan would be players dress in their full uniforms at the hotel and then take the team bus to the arena, virtually ready to hit the floor and start warming up. There are no showers in the locker rooms, so it would theoretically minimize the amount of time they would spend together at the venue in close proximity.

Totally makes sense, but this particular protocol didn’t go down well with PJ Tucker from the Houston Rockets known for his fashion and shoe collection, who reacted to the plan:

“That is crazy. I think that takes away [from] originally what getting dressed was all about. It wasn’t even about the tunnel walk; it was more about getting dressed up and going to work. To me, it’s like a mindset, getting dressed, and getting ready to go to my game. It puts me in the mindset that I’m ready to work and helps me find my focus.”

PJ Tucker from the Houston Rockets

Before this protocol went public, Tucker apparently brought over 60 pairs of shoes to Orlando to keep up with his fashion antics. However, news just broke on ESPN that the NBA has now reversed its decision on a pregame outfit policy from multiple players being disappointed by the potential lack of an arrival fashion scene.

Side Note: Houston Rockets guard Russell Westbrook announced he tested positive for COVID-19 ahead of the team’s trip to Orlando, Florida, and is currently in quarantine.

Side, Side Note: 17 days left until the NBA restart.

Catch you Thursday.