Hello Lazies.

NBA players have started their entry into the highly anticipated bubble at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Snapshots and videos began trickling in over social media of what life will be like as they play, eat, and generally live their lives in the resort.

And the verdict is: tolerable? The image that seems to be getting the most attention is Chris Chiozza’s insta-story of an unappetizing chicken meal (pictured above). Looking at it now, it seems kind of sad. Not inedible by any stretch, but certainly not what NBA players are used to receiving. To conclude, the photo inevitably drew comparisons to airline food or the infamous Fyre Festival food shot.

However, the NBA released a statement the following day, clarifying what exactly the public was looking at when players shared their meals on Tuesday night. Marc Stein of the New York Times also tweeted the following just before midnight on Tuesday, which was met with explaining what he knew to NBA star Donovan Mitchell.

Players can also go the extra mile, once the mandatory quarantine ends, and hire a personal chef located outside of the NBA Campus to prepare and send food daily. This would come at the player’s own expense, which I am sure no NBA player needs to worry about.

Side Note: 21 days left until the NBA restart.

Catch you Monday.