Hello Lazies.

We all know that this year’s NBA season has been flipped upside-down. COVID-19 will no doubt end or create a shortened season, and concerns are rising about the legitimacy of winning the 2020 title if the NBA proceeds.

During a Facebook Q&A with commentator Craig Ackerman, Austin Rivers from the Houston Rockets explained the team that emerges victorious would deserve more credit due to the circumstances.

“People have been saying, whoever wins, it’s going to have a blip [asterisk] next to it. I personally believe it’s the complete opposite. Whoever wins this year really had to go get it and earn it, and had guys who took time off, took it seriously, and still stayed in shape and was able to get back the chemistry, true chemistry. …In my eyes, whoever wins this, it’s going to be the hardest championship ever won.”

Austin Rivers

If you listen to Austin’s response in full, he brings up a lot of great points in what it will take coming back to play basketball. If they remove the crowds from the stadium, then the atmosphere to the game will be completely different and home-court advantage doesn’t matter. If a team had any previous momentum like the Lakers or Bucks, then that would be removed and doesn’t matter. Austin seemed excited about who would become victorious this year. It will be something completely new and that no one in the game has ever done. That, I’m sure, is something every team strives to earn.

Catch you Thursday.