Hello Lazies.

Boston Celtics legend Paul Pierce has been ‘stirring the media pot’ all week, and his hatred for LeBron James continues to grow.

There have been several recent events that’s brought Pierce to the forefront of the NBA media. Firstly, Paul left out James from his top five players list in NBA history. According to Pierce, James isn’t in the conversation because he didn’t “help build” a great organization. The basketball Twitter universe followed up by roasting him over his bold decision.

After the Twitter roasting, Pierce was then surprisingly crowned the one true GOAT (greatest of all time) the following day by Bleacher Report in their animated series, Game of Zones. The episode was dedicated to LeBron seeking the title of greatest of all time; however, Kyrie Irving convinced those at the table that it’s not about the championships they’ve won, or the statistics they’ve achieved, it’s the story they write that gains the GOAT status.

Finally, in his latest appearance on ESPN’s NBA Countdown show, Pierce said that James and the Miami Heat underachieved during his stint with the team after reaching the NBA Finals over four consecutive years. The blows continue to come from Pierce, yet there’s still no word from James.

Catch you Thursday.