Hello Lazies.

When you think of a modern-day NBA 3-point shooter, best bet would be you immediately consider Stephen Curry. But is he the real culprit for the tidal wave of 3’s we watch every game? Let’s dive a little deeper and explore that thought.

A fantastic little video focused on this topic was let loose by Frank Smith from ClutchPoints. It investigates in detail, how the NBA shifted towards the 3-point line and realized just how powerful that hollowed line could be in games. Don’t worry, in true lazy fashion; I’ll give you the quick run-down.

Stephen Curry’s name comes to the top of mind because he’s considered the greatest shooter of all time. He’s the perfect assassin at this game plan, which is why he’s pinned as the poster boy for shooting deep. But the NBA actually started to change in the 2004-05 season, which is before Curry made his debut into the NBA in 2009. Mike D’Antoni was the head coach for the Phoenix Suns, and his new offensive game plan meshed perfectly with the roster he had. The team went from baloney to title contenders in one season and put the league on ‘high-alert’ with this new offense. That, my friends, is how the NBA changed into the way it is today.

A few years later, D’Antoni’s revolutionary offense came extremely close to knocking out the juggernaut Golden State Warriors team in Game 7 of the Western Conference Finals. The team, unfortunately, set a record for missing 27-straight 3-pointers. Crossing the halfway line and pulling the trigger is the new norm these days. Don’t blame Steph for the modern NBA; it’s D’Antoni who truly changed it.

Catch you Monday.