Hello Lazies.

In a recent AP interview, Kevin Garnett made it very clear that the Seattle SuperSonics holds a special place in his heart. He revealed a deep fondness for the city of Seattle, to the point where he said the NBA needs to return there, and he would be the man to make that happen.

“If I have a dream, I would say that I would love to be able to go and buy the Seattle SuperSonics and reactivate the Seattle Northwest and get NBA loving back going into that area. I think it’s needed and it’s essential. Seattle was huge to our league. Not just Portland, but the whole Northwest. I would love to be able to do that.”

Kevin Garnett

But why Seattle? Garnett is a beloved player around the US, especially in Minnesota and Boston. He only played in Seattle 27 times during his NBA career and left the court as a winner only eight times. Though something drew Kevin into that city, and couldn’t let it go.

This got me wondering about what it would take for this to become a reality. A cool $350 million was the price tag for the relocation to Oklahoma City, so there’s that. Yet we’ve heard this story play out on numerous occasions and never possess any resolution. Dan Shafer from the Seattle Business stated that Seattle was unlikely to get an NBA team any time soon, noting that commissioner Adam Silver was not in favor of any expansion and that there wasn’t an obvious relocation candidate among the league’s 30 franchises.

The team didn’t leave Seattle because of the lack of fan interest or poor attendance. The team was simply sold and relocated by the owners. Maybe that’s why there’s so much interest in bringing it back. We all know it would work, but today, which team would get the cut, and the love cycle would start again.

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