Hello Lazies.

In this year’s NBA season, the Golden State Warriors technically have 17 games left to complete. But reports coming directly from head coach Steve Kerr state the teams already deep into “offseason mode.”

This could be why the Warriors are starting to build friction in the media surrounding their humbled golden boy, Stephen Curry. Curry’s been thrown some severe shade in the last couple of weeks targeting his minimal defense and his dependency on fellow teammates Klay Thompson and Draymond Green.

Using one little snippet as an example, LeBron James’ former business manager Maverick Carter was online with Steph’s teammate Draymond Green and Paul Rivera when Carter stated that his defense was questionable. Your natural instinct is to expect Green to step up and say something back for his leader, but he didn’t.

The truth is, like everything on the media now-days, there’s a more in-depth story behind each headline, and it’s all trying to build something that just isn’t there. I would agree with Carter’s statement that Steph isn’t even close to being remembered by his defense. But that’s because he’s an offensive player, and one of the greatest of all time to do it.

Catch you Monday.