Hello Lazies.

The Last Dance: A perfectly fitting title for a 10-part documentary, chronicling the untold story of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls’ 1997-98 season, in which Jordan secured his sixth and final NBA championship. The highly anticipated documentary was initially slated to begin on June 23 but has now been pushed forward to April 19, due to the lack of live sports available to fans amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The hype that surrounds this documentary is unfathomable. We’ve all heard the legendary stories about Michael Jordan and the Bulls throughout the years. The homicidally competitive side of Jordan, the yelling at his teammates Jordan. But we’ve never seen proof that these tales were indeed true, until now.

Director Jason Hehir, tapped as the lucky filmmaker, was granted unprecedented behind-the-scenes access for the entire ’98 season. There isn’t too much information about why he was allowed back in the hallowed locker rooms, but Hehir announced:

“Michael Jordan and the ’90s Bulls weren’t just sports superstars; they were a global phenomenon. Making The Last Dance was an incredible opportunity to explore the extraordinary impact of one man and one team.”

Former ESPN employee and current CEO of the Ringer, Bill Simmons, had an interesting point of view, stating that Jordan wasn’t interested in making “The Last Dance” until LeBron James entered the frame as a threat to his status as the “GOAT.” To me, I’m not a fan of this notion, as James was ecstatic about the earlier release. I believe it’s more about showing a side to Jordan that the masses have yet to see.

Catch you Monday.