Hello Lazies.

Nothing is more associated with an athlete than the number they wear on their back. Some jersey numbers are randomly plucked out of a hat, or some have no significance at all. But for others, their jersey number might hold a great deal of meaning.

Take Dwyane Wade, for example. He was asked about the matter in 2011, and he said:

“I’ve heard of people who wouldn’t sign with a team because they didn’t have a particular jersey number. It could be a deal breaker, and I totally understand why. A number is a big thing for athletes. At the end of the day, a lot of people won’t know your name because people associate you with a number. You associate yourself with a number and a lot of things in your life may go around that.”

Individual jersey numbers are great and all, but the reason I wanted to bring this up is to find out which is the best jersey number in the NBA? After doing some research, I realized that this question is quite challenging to answer and can fall under a lot of topics.

Is it how many times a number has been worn? Which would be No. 12 by 380 players.

Or is it the best performing jersey number? That would be No. 33 worn by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird, and Patrick Ewing, to name a few.

Or what about the most popular jersey number? The legendary No. 23, worn by Michael Jordan, is a given on that one.

The choice is yours, but I have to go with the number 33.

Catch you Thursday.