Hello Lazies.

Regular-season weekends don’t get much better than the one we just had. Nearly all the top tier teams in the NBA this season had verifiable matchups, and the Los Angeles Lakers came out on top.

The Lakers dismantled and defeated the top-ranking Milwaukee Bucks on Friday night, and the Los Angeles Clippers on Sunday. LeBron James stood out from the pack and finished with 28 points, nine assists, and seven rebounds in Sunday’s 112-103 win over the Clippers. If you look at the articles flowing out today, James’ performances on both games caught all the media hype, and it’s completely valid. Just look at the stats he created against two of the top teams in the league.

LeBron has started to turn up the heat, and his performances have been outstanding. But Anthony Davis should get some credit as well. He was just as much a force to be reckoned with, penciling in 30 points in both games. But when the match needed closing, James was the one who shut the door. Like last night, with 40.8 seconds left in the game and a chance to ice his squad’s second straight victory, James drove past Marcus Morris Sr., got slashed, drained the layup, and roared like we haven’t seen or heard in a long time. LeBron’s emotion on that game-sealing play is a clear sign on just how consequential these types of wins are to him heading into the Playoffs.

Both these matchups meant a lot for this Lakers team, and from the result, they were clearly up for the challenge. In one weekend, they beat the team with the best record and the only team that had beaten them twice this season.

Catch you Thursday.