Hello Lazies.

Can you imagine having a year-long schedule, a snug sum of money in the bank, and clear guidance on what your young purpose was in life? You’d be pretty happy, but what happens when it all disappears?

Unfortunately, this has become a reality for all NBA players. That daunting question is now face-to-face with them all: What do I do when I’m not playing basketball professionally? However, this is a very unfavorable way of looking at the current worldwide social isolation as we know the NBA will be back at some time.

Some players are learning to cook scallops, like Cody Zeller. Donte DiVincenzo thought a good idea to kill some time would be to clean their already spotless closets. And some are building 2,000-piece Star Wars puzzles. The point I’m making here is that answering that simple question is harder than you think. After reading Yaron Weitzman’s article about the NBA’s new identity crisis, it got me thinking about what I would do if that question became a reality for me.

NBA players have the most robust direction possible for their lives. They are told what to eat, where to go, what to do, nearly every single day of their careers. You would never have the time to genuinely sit down and think about what should be done today. And with the current epidemic, the players are getting a tiny taste of reality in what will eventually become present in the future.

Catch you Monday.