Hello Lazies.

What do sport junkies (or lazies) do when there’s no sport to watch? We relive the classics, that’s exactly what we do. If your following any type of sport account on the internet, you would’ve noticed a bunch of Hall-of-Famers or iconic names spring up on your feed. But it’s not just to relive the good old times; it’s to spark some substantial debate.

It all goes down in the comments. Take this tweet for example. A highlight video of Roy Hibbert, who was quote, “a problem” is pure gold. But the comments underneath are supreme. Even if you type the word ‘NBA’ into the search bar, the vintage nostalgia overtakes everything else.

To finalize this point, and show how deep down the rabbit hole this goes, I stumbled across a tweet from Isaiah Thomas, who commented on a video when John Tesh left himself a voicemail that turned into the theme music for the NBA on NBC. Or when a retired Michael Jordan stops by the Bulls practice to play some one-on-one with Cory Benjamin. I mean, how do people find this stuff?

The classics are always great too rewatch, but I miss the good old times when you can watch an NBA game, in real-time, and not know what’s going to happen.

Catch you Monday.