Hello Lazies.

Nothing has fallen in place for the Philadelphia 76ers this season, who lost 108-94 to the repairing Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday night. Adding to their misery, already without Ben Simmons for the unseeable future due to a nerve impingement in his back, they lost Joel Embiid last night to a sprained shoulder.

Yet, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Embiid out from an injury this year. A few weeks back, all the talk circulated about how the Sixers were a million times better, or somewhat different when Ben Simmons acted as the general on the floor. The team was fast-paced and had better spacing throughout the court when attacking. They looked like an unbeatable team, but when Ben got hurt, all eyes were now on Embiid to step up and show what he’s got in the tank. Mind you; he did recently have a career-high 49 points against the Atlanta Hawks on Monday night. Nevertheless, like always with this franchise, nothing seems to go as planned and now find themselves in some serious strife.

Currently the fifth seed in the East, with 36 wins and 23 losses, were on the final stretch of the regular season before the Playoffs, and a team like Philly needs to come together and start making oppositions fearful of them. The talent that surrounds this team is startling, but without their two main pieces, the team looks rather average.

I’m sure the Philadelphia fans are sick and tired of the process and want their team to be successful now. That’s why this year meant so much for this group. If they weren’t winning, then things need to change. Who’s to blame for this disaster of a 76ers season? I’ll let Charles Curtis take it from here.

Catch you Monday.