Hello Lazies.

They’re still figuring it out, but this new radical small-ball movement from the Houston Rockets is working. And maybe this solution was right under Head Coach Mike D’Antoni’s nose the entire time.

Out of the four games, since Clint Capela was shipped off and established the Rockets’ new movement, they have won 50 percent of their games. But, those two wins were against the Lakers and Celtics, two dominant teams that will be deep-rooted into the Playoffs this year. So what does this ‘small-ball’ movement mean?

The formula is simple: surround two of the most relentless drivers in the league as much shooting as possible, so it’s virtually unthinkable to stop the Rockets from creating 3’s and shots at the rim. In a regular game, it’s hard enough trying to contain James Harden and Russell Westbrook in any situation on the court. Like Tuesday’s matchup against Boston where Harden scored 42 points, and Westbrook had 36. Boston had no answer for the dynamic small-ball lineup and snapped the Celtics’ seven-game win streak with a 116-105 victory.

Traditionalists will scoff at the idea of winning games come to Playoffs, or even a championship, without some size in their roster. Mike D’Antoni’s vision for his team continuously changes each year, and by maximizing his two stars and forgetting about everything else, it’s a bold move, and one I like. If you’re gonna go all in, then go for it, I say.

Catch you Monday.