Hello Lazies.

The Atlanta Hawks are looking peachy and winning a lot more games as of late. Standing 14th in the East with 17 wins and 41 losses, there isn’t too much to brag about this season. But looking at their last 18 games, they have won nine, which is more wins than they had in their previous 40.

So the Hawks are on the up. All thanks to their offense, which is led by their 6-foot-1 All-Star, Trae Young. Young’s averaging 30 points per game and created his first 50-point ‘video-game’ highlight last week in a 129-124 win over the Miami Heat. This little achievement would make Trae the 6th player in NBA history to tally 10+ 40-point games during their second season. No wonder Trae is the future of this franchise.

But Young isn’t the only player that’s stepping up, John Collins, another fresh talent, is right by his side. Over the last seven games, Collins is averaging 25.9 points and 10.6 rebounds while shooting 63.6% from the floor. And with the newly acquired Clint Capela, they’re bound to improve on points in the paint. This team might be young and searching for their winning groove, but upper management is giving them all the pieces to succeed.

Side Note: Have you noticed the new splash of paint at the State Farm Arena? I’m digging that City Edition Peachtree design and uniform.

Catch you Thursday.