Hello Lazies.

The Milwaukee Bucks are on top of the NBA standings with 43 wins and only seven losses. This team ranks in the top position for points per game (120.0), rebounds per game (51.7), defensive rating (101.9), and fast-break points (19.3). These stats prove that the Bucks are blistering on both scoring and defense, protecting the glass, and do it all at a crazy speed. That’s a tight rounded group to beat, but diving deeper into those rare seven losses, what have the teams done to become successful?

In those seven games, the Bucks have lost to the NuggetsSpurs76ers, Mavericks, Jazz, Celtics, and Heat. And as NBA teams develop throughout the year, I’m only going to analyze their last three games.

In every loss, the winning side out-scored the Bucks in 3-out-of-4 quarters and penciled in at least 121 points (averaging 31 points per quarter is needed). So, it would be best if you scored and score well against this team, and that includes from the 3-point range. 692, that’s how many 3-pointers Milwaukee has made this season, placing them 4th in the league for that particular stat. And in every loss, the Bucks shot terribly from the 3-point range. Another little insight is that the Bucks get to the free-throw line a lot, but struggles in converting that into points, so foul the crap out of them.

There’s a reason this team is nearly impossible to beat. They defend well, score fast, and score effectively. But from what I can see, to beat these guys is too slow the game down, be smart with your ball movement (as in don’t turn the ball over), let them score inside the arc while fouling them, and dominate them from the 3. Oh, and by the way, you have to shut down the reigning MVP as well. Simple, right?

Catch you Monday.