Hello Lazies.

There were promising signs for the Minnesota Timberwolves back in the 2017-18 season. They finally broke the mold in reaching the NBA Playoffs from a 14-year-old drought and had confidence in the new direction. But since then, the signs have been mixed, and looking at the state of the team now, you have to ask: Are they going in reverse?

The Wolves right now can be summed up as a mediocre club, who’s agonizingly inconsistent for the most part. It’s hard to judge where the Timberwolves are heading from afar, but it’s quite clear they have a game plan in mind and are willing to wait it out for the pieces to fall in place.

They recently stirred the pot in the mid-season trade by releasing their 11th-year veteran Jeff Teague to the Atlanta Hawks. The Wolves needed to get rid of Teague, who didn’t fit into their long-term plan with Andrew Wiggins and rookie Jarrett Culver who were getting more minutes at the guard positions. But this is what the Wolves are quite good at doing, in letting substantial assets slip through the cracks, instead of building them up. However, the most significant and noticeable move the Wolves are wanting is to team up with D’Angelo Russell from the Golden State Warriors. Russell is a long term friend of Karl-Anthony Towns and has publicly stated he wants to team up with his friends once again.

The catch is, this isn’t the first time that the Wolves have tried to unite with Russell. They thought they had him locked up last summer with a max-contract at hand and his best friend Towns with open arms, but he dogged them by signing with the Warriors. Even months after the teams failed chase for the guard, the front office is reportedly “intensifying their pursuit” for him once again. A Towns-Russell pairing sounds like a great plan, but for it to become real, a lot of chips need to fall in place for it to happen. So the team’s stuck in the mud, once again, spinning their wheels and not moving forward.

Catch you Thursday.