Hello Lazies.

There’s no surprise that the Cleveland Cavaliers are circling the bottom of the barrel with the franchise focused on rebuilding their young core. And with Kevin Love finally losing his cool and spitting the dummy, who’s to blame for Love’s recent frustration?

It’s right to point out that Love did sign a four-year extension with the Cavs, even after LeBron made his decision to leave for the wild west. So, therefore, Love is the only person to blame in putting himself in this situation. But like every Bold And The Beautiful scandal, it’s not that simple.

When negotiations came for Love’s extension, the Cavs bargained him with the hopes that the team would be salvaged from several veterans returning to the roster from injury and would, therefore, become Playoff-bound. But, it became evident that Cleveland had no intention of becoming competitive when they traded away all their key players like Rodney Hood, J.R. Smith, and George Hill, making way for their young players to receive more opportunities. Even Love, their star player, would be iced out of important plays frequently throughout the year.

That’s the thing that doesn’t make sense. Cleveland’s front office is doing the right thing in developing their team and giving their young guns a red-hot go. But their decision on icing Kevin Love is wrong, especially when they signed him up to multiple years on his contract. Isn’t it better to develop a team around one dominant player, like the Bucks are with Giannis, or the Heat are with Butler?

Catch you Thursday.