Hello Lazies.

We have now officially passed the season’s quarter mark, and I stumbled onto an article from the NBA. It’s from their BlogTable, and they asked their staff three simple questions to discuss the state of the NBA. Those three questions: Top 5 teams in the league right now, ranked from 1 to 5? The biggest surprise so far? And the biggest disappointment? So I followed suit.

Top 5 teams, ranked:
Number 1, the Lakers. LeBron James and Anthony Davis haven’t disappointed in their chemistry, and the teams transformed into a championship contender. Everyone is playing for each other, and I can’t see them slowing down. Number 2, the Bucks. An MVP who’s continued to grow, and blasted through a tight schedule without any hiccups. The Bucks are head-to-head with the Lakers, but I see LA wanting it more. Number 3, the Celtics. Boston’s found their mojo and look like themselves again. If they stay healthy, this team will be scary come Playoffs. Number 4, the Clippers. Not as consistent as we all thought they would be, but everyone knows they are playing mind-games. This team is going to spring back, fast, but no-one knows when they’ll flip the switch. Number 5, the Raptors. Losing a Finals MVP means nothing to them. They still have their championship groove and stand 3rd in the East.

Biggest surprise:
The Spurs, who have fallen to the bottom half of the West and their defense is non-existent. Last season, San Antonio produced their worst defensive season in 22 years, and 2019-20 looks like is shaping up to be even worse. This team’s been to the Playoffs 22 seasons in a row, but this year might be the first time, in a long time, that we won’t see the black and silver.

Most disappointing:
The Detroit Pistons are my biggest disappointment. Man, this team should be better than they are right now. With the overall talented players they have, they should be surprising the league and cruising up the NBA standings, just like the Mavericks. Yet, they still have continued problems and can’t get out of their slump.

Let me know your answers and catch you Monday.