Hello Lazies.

It’s safe to say that the 2019-20 NBA season for the Golden State Warriors hasn’t gone to plan. With a 5-24 win-loss record, they currently sit dead-last in the West, and elimination from the Playoffs is inevitable.

From reaching the NBA Finals last year to dead last in the standings, it’s hard to understand how the franchise wouldn’t be in shambles. Yet the Warriors are the complete opposite, and Head Coach Steve Kerr touched on this point recently:

“We won’t have the same group that was in The Finals last year. We lost a lot from that group. But the whole point this year is ‘let’s get healthy, let’s really try to develop these young guys and see if we can fortify our roster and develop some players who can be a big part of our future, bring back our regular guys and make a run at it again.’ It’s exciting.”

Steve Kerr

You read that right, Kerr is ‘excited’ in penciling in L’s every week. But why? We all know that the Warriors were forced to hit the reset button this year from injuries and roster changes. But I can see why Steve is excited in his team again; he’s rebuilding from the ground up. You could classify this year as a ‘well-earned breather’ from an era where the Warriors were stretched to the limit from October into June for half a decade.

This season has been a training ground for the Warriors, and it’s worth staying tuned in to the development of their young stars. Like tonight, the Grizzlies visit the Warriors in a matchup that may feature the top 2 rookie scorers in the NBA, Ja Morant from Memphis, and Golden State’s Eric Paschall. Paschall is a player to look out for and has been very consistent over his last ten games. He has the ingredients of a valid building block for Golden State, and maybe a window into the future to come.

Catch you Thursday.