Hello Lazies.

Clippers vs. Lakers. An NBA marquee matchup the world wanted to see on Christmas Day. The game featured pressure-packed moments just like a playoff series, and we all wished for six more. The Clippers, however, would come out on top, 111-106, and are now 2-0 against the Lakers this season.

During the game, the Lakers led by 15 points in the second half, but the Clippers dialed up the intensity when it mattered the most. The Lakers then lost their hot streak and scored only three points over the final four minutes and 58 seconds of the game. Whereas the Clippers at least managed to get to the free-throw line and create a cushion of relief. The game ultimately wound up with a vexing Patrick Beverley block on LeBron James that sealed the victory.

That perfectly timed spike of intensity by the Clippers was the pinnacle moment of this game. It completely changed the velocity of the match, creating turnovers and missed shots by the Lakers when they should have kept them at arm’s length. All great title teams operate this way in the NBA, and need I say more?

But can you imagine if we did get the LA duel come May? These two teams offer storylines galore, like AD or Paul George getting their first shot at the Finals. Or seeing Kawhi in his element taking over games like he did the year before. Or considering LeBron is edging closer and closer to not having many prime years left in his career. In true Hollywood fashion, they dropped a beautiful trailer on Christmas Day.

Catch you Monday.