Hello Lazies.

It’s only been 5 games, but it seems that the Boston Celtics are back to their old tricks. I’ll get to that point later. On Friday night, the Celtics came up against the New York Knicks for the second time this season. Boston was surprisingly pushed by New York until the very end of the game that featured 24 lead changes and 10 ties.

With 1.3 seconds remaining, Jason Tatum received the ball, spun on his toes, and hit a turnaround jumper to seal the game for Boston 104-102. This would pencil in their fourth straight victory, only losing to the Philadelphia 76ers in the first game of the season.

If you look at the stats of the game, it was an evenly balanced team performance from Boston and I am sure head coach Brad Stevens loves it that way. Last year, Brad had to balance strict role players and egos throughout his team (not naming anyone here). And this year, there’s no headlines, no drama, there’s hardly any media coverage on them. Just a team that keeps getting a little bit better, and a little more comfortable with each other with every game.

The old tricks I mentioned before were stating that this team looks, feels, and plays like their 2016-17 squad, minus Isaiah Thomas and insert Kemba Walker. They are gritty and developed as a pain-in-the-ass opponent that’s going to win a lot more games.

Catch you Thursday.